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Supercharge Your Restaurant’s Success with ZenDelivery!
No more worries about high delivery costs eating into your profits. With ZenDelivery, you can delight your customers with prompt and efficient food delivery at an unbeatable flat fee of just $2-4! That’s right, incredible savings for your business.

Join forces with ZenDelivery to benefit from:
  1. No Activation Fees
  2. No Percentages
  3. No Contracts
  4. No Exclusivity

Unleash a 30% Surge in Orders!

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Restaurants that partner with us experience a jaw-dropping average increase of 30% in their order volumes. Imagine the impact on your bottom line!


How Does Working With Us Benefit You?

Gain Full Control Over Your Margins & Your Customers With:

  • Easy-to-Use Ordering Dashboard – Manage Your Restaurant and Orders from Anywhere
  • High Speed Desktop and Mobile Ordering
  • Success rate of 98% with the ERC
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software – Capture ALL of your Customers Data
  • Seamless POS Integration
  • Delivery Integration with Access to Hundreds of Thousands of Drivers (Nationwide)
  • Responsive Websites with SEO
  • Marketing Done for You with Automated Text / Email Marketing
  • Menu ADA Compliance Built-In
  • Dedicated US Support Team

With ZenDelivery, benefit with an unbeatable delivery flat fee of just $2-4!

Call us now to get started at: 800-91AWARE or email us at:

Your restaurant’s success story begins with ZenDelivery!

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