The SSB Herring

The blueback herring is not a blue bait fish. It’s way more dark green into black on top, purple/blue pin stripes and hue on the shoulders, leading into a silver body and white underside.    I don’t care if this thing isn’t the absolute perfect blue back herring we’ll ultimately end on, this is going to be a solid ‘all around’ color for most guys who want a good swimbait, in a good color, that applies in lots of places.  You don’t need herring in your lake or river to get excited about a green back and purple blue pin striped Triple Trout!  This color reminds me of the Xmas Purple Weenie color from Robo Worm.  Green plus purple or blue (think watermelon candy or green pumpkin blue in Zoom world)  in soft plastics has proven itself time and time again for me.  I think this is just a beautiful color that Scott has made available to us, and I know it’s gonna kill the herring eaters, but I also think the Ozark fish, and fish anywhere will eat this color.  Notice how well this bait changes color and hues from various angles and perspectives.  I like a bait that does that, especially in clear water:



The 7″ SSB Herring Triple Trout Bundle

  • Rigged with Owner ST-36 Stinger Treble Hooks and Hyper Wire Split Rings
  • Includes a pack of 2 spare tails






The SSB Herring Photo Gallery:

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  1. Chris Jenkins

    Scott did a great job on the color. I have a similar one that is 10 inches. Love it !!

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