Shimano Calcutta 400 TE

Here is a clip walking thru Shimano as a company, their background and expertise in gears and gearing, and how their products are proven to catch the largest game fish on earth on the cast and on the troll.   When you are ready to get serious about bigbait fishing, invest in the Shimano Calcutta 400 TE.  It has the large spool size, the gears and brake system, slower gear ratio, power handle, and torque to handle the physics of bigbait fishing.   Shimano doesn’t sponsor us or anyone else, really.  They make the best reels for bigbait fishing, hands down.   The Calcutta 400 TE is the reel that all serious trophy hunters are using to fish the 8″ Huddleston Deluxe and 10″ Triple Trout most effectively.


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