The Jerry Rago Glide Gill

Olive Ngy (pronounced “Nigh” like night without the ‘t’) is a friend of mine thru fishing, from California.  Oliver is a swimbait specialist. He loves throwing the bigbaits and has been working hard to hunt big fish the last few years.  He recently shared with me some insights into the Jerry Rago Glide Gill.  Oliver of course has a video and pictures to back up his fishing and help contribute legit content to all the conversations, and he’s given me the green light to share it with you:



Glide baits are something you need to be paying attention to.  I have very little experience throwing glide baits (relatively speaking) as compared to the standard vortex and boot tailed soft baits, and the jointed hardbaits.   You have to understand, that in California, you have to always be pushing for the ‘next best thing’ because you are fishing in lakes that are not that big… a few thousand acres maybe.   So, the fish get educated really quickly, and the glide bait thing has really been taking off out West in places in places with trout and places without trout.   It’s an interesting twist on what I call “Ken’s Vortex” which is that conversation about the footprint of a bait, and what a fish can sense about a bait and the effects it has on bass (ie, they eat it, follow it, and/or the size/classes of fish that eat it).   Glide baits fish really odd, you sorta pump and twitch the bait along as you reel, and the bait literally might be doing 2-4 foot wide walks and swooshes and ‘glides’ along.   Instead of swimming the bait, you are controlled ‘gliding’ the bait thru the water.

Oliver Ngy, with a stud on the Glide Gill. I happen to really like 7-9 pounders. Oliver does too. He catches lots of double digits though too.

Jerry Rago to me is one of the ‘guys’ of bigbait fishing, simply because, going back to the late 90s and early 2000s, he was one of the guys who was producing baits that guys were consistently catching big fish on.  He has an interesting line up of baits, and this Glide Gill, fits into something I’m keenly interested in, well two things actually:  Bluegill Eaters and Glide Baits.    I like to really get a handle on something before I go ‘reviewing’ it or otherwise talking it up.    I haven’t fished one of these baits, but you can bet I will be.  I have things already brewing in the ‘bluegill eater’ conversation, and this bait is a double dipper because it’s also a glide bait.   Consider this insight into the journey of bluegill eaters, but also insight into this new category of baits known as the glide baits.  Believe me, I have plenty to learn, and so do you.

The Rago Glide Gill is available at for $69.99





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