The Jackall Clone Gill


I’m certainly not here to have a discussion about ethics and catching fish on beds.  You have to sight fish to be competitive in tournaments, and if you are like me, you enjoy watching fish, fish behavior, and looking at fish while you fish for them.  Bass have a lot of guts, gusto and balls, but most times, they can be very finicky and fickle.    Bed fishing is an art, and I will tell you, drop shotting for bed fish is killer.  The bait literally sits in the fish’s face and they sorta tend to suck it in.   The Jackall Clone Gill is a little morsel  at 2.5″ long–perfect size because its tall too, so its bulky but really slim and finessy too.  When I saw these baits, I was said WOW.  They are really bite sized baits that rig up nicely on a nose hook.  I rigged the Jackall Clone Gill with a #1 Owner Mosquito Hook and a 3/8 lead drop shot weight with about a 10″ Leader.



You get great bait control, with a heavy/bulky bait on a drop shot rig.  Especially at close range, you can give you bait slack and drop it, swim it, make it dart, etc.   The side rig is just nutty.  The bait will do 360 degree wounded/teasing  bluegill death spirals around the drop shot weight.   I enjoy watching how I’m working my bait, and watching how a fish reacts to it.  That is what I really enjoy.  Watching fish and watching fishing lures in action and seeing how fish react is why I love bed fishing so much.   Bluegill are great baits around the spawn.  Heck, they are great baits anytime, but you add bluegill/brim/sunfish family of fish around a bedding bass, and watch what happens.   The fish really get fired up, and it’s  can be the little edge you need to get her to eat.   Give the Jackall Clone Gill a try when fishing for bedding bass.  Bigger the fish, the better!

Nose Rigged
Nose Rigged
Side Rigged Jackall Clone Gill on a #1 Owner Mosquito Hook
Side Rigged Jackall Clone Gill on a #1 Owner Mosquito Hook


flat sided bluegill


From the Backside Top View



Jackall Clone Gill:  

#1 Owner Mosquito Hook


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