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The 6″ Bubble Gum Bass Triple Trout Bundle



  • Owner ST-56 3X Strong Treble Hooks (#2 upfront, #4 in the rear)
  • Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings (#4s)
  • Spare Set of Tails


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There is a quantum difference between all 4 of the Triple Trouts.  I’m referring to the 6-7-8 and 10 inch Triple Trout, Standard Sink rate.  They are all four very different baits.  They all 4 have different swims, different attributes, buoyancy, etc. They don’t all 4 do the same thing, is the key thing to recognize.   Always assume I’m talking about standard generally available sink rates, unless I specifically note a special heavy weighted (H) or floating (F) style of Triple Trout.  The standard sink 3 piece baits is what I’m talking about here.  Yes, it’s something I plan on dedicating a video and footage to the whole big story, but let me try and bring you up to speed and interject you in the middle.

The 6″ Triple Trout is significantly smaller than the 7″ Triple Trout (significant being the ‘key’ word, enough to matter, enough difference in volume and mass to make a difference to the fish. It’s not just an inch shorter, its much slimmer, much less footprint moving thru the water, etc).  So, there are times, places, conditions, species and flow where it makes sense to fish significantly smaller (or BIGGER).  Just know this.  The 8″&7″ Triple Trouts are close in size.  The 7&8 are closer in size and their is a far less dramatic difference betweem them, vs. the difference between the 6″ & 7″ versions.   What does that mean?  If you cannot get bit or touched or any love on the 7″, you probably aren’t gonna do any good on the 8″ either (there isn’t significant difference in size).  However, the 6″ might be the trick you need to downsize because the fish are on smaller bait or simply not being triggered by the bigger offering, or perhaps in the case of smallmouth or spotted bass, downsizing your swimbait and bigbait approach just makes good business sense.

Comparing the various 6-7-8 (and 10–not pictured here, actually it’s the 8-7-6 as per the above photo) inch Triple Trouts requires more than a paragraph or two. It requires real fishing, video, and explanations. Stay tuned.

So, stay tuned, more to come on 6″ vs. 7 “,  7″ vs. 8″, and 8″ vs. 10″ Triple Trouts.   So here is the 6″ Triple Trout in our Bubble Gum Bass color.  You might call this bait smallmouth or spotted bass candy.    You will like fishing our Bubble Gum Bass color.  Clear, dirty, off color, it’s a good call.  It only makes sense for us, (and because some of you asked for) to provide a 6” version of our Bubble Gum Bass Bundles.


I’m into hook balancing, another topic  I’ll be speaking more in depth on, but let me just tell you, I believe the Owner ST-56 Treble Hook has a special play here.  I like the Owner Needle Point hooks, better, than the ST-41 cutting edge hooks, for a bait like the Triple Trout, where you want fish to get ‘stuck’ who come up and kiss it.  The cutting points aren’t super sticky.  They are great for load up on my bait (ie, 3:16 Sunfish) on braided line in grass, but I like needle point hooks for open water, and for smallmouth and spotted bass for the ‘sticky’ factor.  You get a lot of short bites, slashes, kisses, and close enounters at the boat you need to be wise about that.   I would normally recommend the ST-36 Owner Stinger Trebles, however, in the sizes I rig my 6″ Triple Trouts with (#4s or #2s at MOST) I know from experience, that with my 8 foot rods, heavy line (braid or copolymer P-Line) I can bend out small #4, #2 and #1 Owner ST-36.  Anything 1/0 or greater, go ST-36.  Anything below 1/0, I go ST-56 because I get the needle point, sticky sharp and 3X strong hook, so it’s perfect.  I use the ST-66 for the Huddlestons.  Why, that is the 4X stronger, and I use size 2 and size 4s and they need to be super small (to hide in the Huddie) and super strong (because 8-12 pounders happen, and teens too) on the Hudd.   So, there you have it…see the progression in ascending hook strength/gauge?  ST-36 Regular Wire great in all sizes with conventional bass gear.  But once I get into 8 foot rods, big round reels, or Curado 300s, and heavy line ST-36s will bend out on the smaller sizes under the right conditions. Not always, but it’s a lighter wire, super sticky, hook, and on swimbaits, I tend to only use greater than or equal to 1/0 ST-36s….ST-56 3X Needlepoint are for small triple trout, the 22nd Century Bluegill, and other small hardbaits.  The ST-66 4X Super Strong + Needlepoint for Huddie, but too heavy gauge for 6″ Triple Trout.  I only use the ST-66 for Huddies (well, not entirely true, but as a rule of thumb).  That is why I recommend the ST-56

When it comes to size #2 and #4 trebles, with needlepoint hooks, which I like on a Triple Trout, the ST-56 is a good compromise.


The 6″ Bubble Gum Bass Triple Trout Bundle Photo Gallery:

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