At 5 and 1/4″ long and 1.2 ounces, the 3:16 Lure Company Minnow is a fat and bulky little swimbait.  The 3:16 Minnow is probably not going to catch you double digit and giant bass, but it does fit into the tournament, weedless, and numbers of kicker fish department.   Like all of Mickey Ellis softbaits, the 3:16 Minnow is incredibly buoyant, which means it stalls really well, and fishes slowly extremely well, but also can scoot along, throwing a v-wake behind it.  This is a grass swimbait, this is a tournament swimbait, and this is also an open water swimbait.

The 3:16 Lure Company Minnow rigged on a 6/0 Owner Beast Hook


I rig the 3:16 Minnow on a 6/0 Owner Beast Hook.  The twistlock centering pin fits the bait really well, and is great for rigging up the 3:16 Minnow.  I like to texpose the hook in grass, and just leave the hook point exposed in open water.  The weight of the bait combined with the weight of the 6/0 Owner Beast Hook makes this a legit swimbait, that will require a rod that can throw a medium sized swimbait.  Altogether, the bait when rigged is approaching 1.5 ounces.  I like to fish the bait on 50# straight braid in grass, or 17-20# florocarbon in open water.  You may also consider rigging the bait on the Weighted Owner Beast Hook with Twistlock.  Same hook with some lead on the shank to get the bait down and fish it deeper or more in contact with the wood or whatever structure you’re fishing.   The Weighted Beast Hook will also cause the bait to fall more horizontally.

Like just about all of Mickey Ellis softbaits, the Minnow floats when unrigged in the water. There is an internal air bladder that adds to the buoyancy, and buoyancy = Rate of Stall factor


The 3:16 Minnow is a more real, more bulky, more technical (because of the buoyancy properties) style of swimbait than the Skinny Dipper or Swim Senko style of grass swimbait.   Because it rigs so well weedlessly, the bait can be fished in and thru the thickest grass, and stalled in the holes quite nicely.   You can slow grind the bait in open water, and just reel it back, where you are hunting fish that are eating baitfish like shad or blue back herring.  It’s got the bulk and mass to attract bigger bites, but isn’t a bigbait per se.

You get 4 perfectly packaged Minnows for $10.49.  These baits can be re-used and fish very well and are part of my growing soft bait approach to grass lakes, blue back herring lakes, and tournament swimbait fishing mindset.

The 3:16 Lure Company Minnow Photo Gallery:

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