Olive Juice! The 3 Dot Olive color is a great rainbow trout pattern for your Triple Trouts,  from Scott Whitmer and the 22nd Century Bait Company. We are glad to have access to it and provide it as part of our custom bait offering. It works really well, I find.

The 3 Dot Olive Triple Trout from Scott Whitmer at 22nd Century Bait Co is something we are proud to be fishing and offering.   This is just a killer color on a killer bait, and it works great.  How about 80# straight braid in super clear water?   That’s called a bait that is getting after it.  The 10″ Triple trout, gives them a look, a pause, a stall and a 180 degree cutback followed by a fluid driving swim which is why it gets bit.  It’s not an easy bait to fish.  There is a rhythm and flow, and probably the most important piece of equipment is the Calcutta 400 TE reel.  Shimano no longer makes/offers the Calcutta 400 TE  reel, so I’m going to have to recommend you go get yourself one of the new D Series 400s.   I want one.  I haven’t fished one yet, but hear they are killer.   The amount of reeling, speed, torque and physics and chunking and winding this bad boy around for more than 1 hour will make you believe in round reels and gearing.   Just saying.  Cover water boy, and don’t put it down, and any other reel I’m aware of, you’ll be whipped quickly.  You might get by with a Curado 300, but the Curado 300, IMO, is good for the 6-7-8″ Triple Trouts but lacks the torque for the 10″…but I know guys who throw the 10″ Triple Trout on the Curado 300.  I find the 400 Series Calcuttas and the 10″ Triple Trout to be a good match.

Been a minute since I caught one like this. Nice 7+ pounder.

I had an excellent couple days back in the Carolinas, visiting with my friend Rob McComas. I really enjoyed the time away from Arkansas. I was on a short mission to pick up a boat I had stored out that way (jon boat), so I can put it in service (or sell it) around Arkansas.   The conditions were Zeptember.  Hot, but cool nights and mornings, and the fish did just what they should in Zeptember—-eat the Triple Trout.   And that bite will continue until ?  I’m going to be experimenting how cold of water I can still get bites on the Triple Trout in the Ozarks this Fall into Winter just to see.  Here are some highlights from that day with Rob:


We are proud to offer the 10″ Triple Trout Bundle as part of our custom bait offering.   We rig our baits with 2/0  ST-36 Owner Treble Hooks and #6 Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings, and provide you a spare set of tails with each bait.  Click HERE to get the full fledged look at our 3 Dot Olive Triple Trout Bundles in 8 and 10″ versions.  The 8″ version doesn’t suck either.  Especially if big spotted bass or smallmouth are your game.  The 10″ is just a staple for big largemouth, and that is usually what I’m hunting.


The 10″ 3 Dot Olive Triple Trout Bundle: