Thank you for your patience, I have been lagging on updating the blog and just providing some fresh content.  Doing a lot of behind the scenes work for short, medium and long term plans I have with southernswimbait.com and related projects, and I like to fish a lot so there you go!    Here is the first hardbait featured in our swim signature series.  Hardbaits are much harder to film and get the true swim of the bait, especially fast moving hardbaits that require a lot of stalls and pauses and speed to really show them off.  You need to be throwing the Triple Trout like you need to be throwing the Huddleston Deluxe 8″ Trout.   You need a full bodied sinking softbait and a full bodied fast moving hardbait in your life.   The 10″ Triple Trout was featured in Southern Trout Eaters.  I’m still learning all the nuances of fishing the bait, especially as I’m tackling current and moving water situations.   The 10″ Triple Trout is the workhorse trophy swimbait from Scott Whitmer.  Scott makes all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors of Triple Trouts, but the 10″ is the standard bait trophy hunters grab to tangle with giant largemouth, spotted, smallmouth and striped bass.  Trout or no trout, the Triple Trout is an excellent swimbait and bigbait.  We have done a poor job documenting the swim of the Triple Trout, until now.

The 10″ Triple Trout is a standard. It’s like the Huddleston Deluxe 8″ Trout. When you talk baits and bites and rods and gear, it’s one of the benchmarks. Get into it. Don’t accept imitations and kook knock offs.






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