I’m not a musician. I have tried, but I just don’t put in the time. I am a fisherman. I am trying to teach myself way too many things to add music on the list. Even still, I’m learning how to edit and cut and splice and transition music. I just want to outsource the making of the music part and keep licensing simple and easy and free.


Sending out an SOS to the World.  Are you or any of your friends in a band?  You guys have any songs that are good?  I don’t care what style of music, let me figure out how to work it in.  I’m looking to ‘license’ music for YouTube style videos on an ongoing basis.   I like using music, and would love to have access to more.

Here is how this works:

  1. I receive music on a CD or as digital files or point me to your website where I can hear samples of your work.   No clue when or how exactly it will be used.  I will maintain a music library and use stuff as it happens.
  2. I use the song or partial song in a YouTube video and give the band, artist, record label and whomever ‘credit’ for the song in the YouTube video
  3. The album/band/song/ and links to download and buy the song (if applicable) will be included in the blog post that accompany the videos that I publish
  4. No money exchanges hands, this is all about getting your music heard, help your music/band get ‘found’, and digital copies of your music sold/downloaded.   In exchange, southernswimbait.com has licensing rights to use your music in our work, except for in DVD.   DVD would be a totally different conversation than this one, this is about YouTube and public internet facing video clips.
  5. Example, please look at the video and blog post for the 3:16 Sunfish by clicking HERE

What Am I looking for:

  1. Don’t know exactly, surprise me.    Thinking country, rock, bluegrass, gospel, reggae, jazz, whatever mixes and deviations thereof but seriously, the techno and totally digital driven stuff is growing on me, so whatever is clever and works.   I’m no hard core conservative guy, but the music needs to be legit and a bunch of cussing and controversial topics and themes is not what I’m after.
  2. Instrumental.  Fun and upbeat/tempo instrument only stuff seems to be pretty cool to work with, buy lyric driven is great too.
  3. Good People who work well with me and my style.   I prefer people who can email and work collaboratively on projects and don’t need lots of hand holding and deliver fabulous results.  This is simple, send me your music, and if it’s good and works with whatever I happen to be working on, I’ll include it and hopefully get 1000s of hits and your music gets heard, your band gets some exposure, you sign a big record deal, and you fly Matt and a few pals out to party in NYC and celebrate.
  4. The Perfect Fit would be the starving musician/artist type who are working their butts off to make good music and make a living/career from their work.    They use computers and treat their music like a business and are embracing the social enterprise.


  1. southernswimbait.com gets 50,000 website hits each hour
  2. I’m totally messing with you on #1.  Please be a critical thinker always and when someone tells you some statistic about their website (or any web analytic for that matter), take it with a grain of salt.   Take a look at our YouTube Channel and video plays HERE.  YouTube views are an excellent unit of measure and less subjective to tampering.   Our YouTube channel is approaching 200,000 views and has  it wasn’t really active until about a year ago. Some of our videos on have hundreds of hits, some have thousands.
  3. Our Facebook Page has 550 +  fans  (and grows by a couple each week) and has daily stuff going on.
  4. southernswimbait.com is and will continue to provide video clips to other media outlets with much bigger and broader audiences, so you benefit from getting exposure thru some of our 3rd Party business partners websites and media.


  1. email me:  southernswimbait (at) gmail (dot) com to get a conversation started.  Put something obvious in the subject line, please


  1. Maurice Perrmann

    I know a few Bluegrass folks out in Durango, Colorado. I will try and pass this on. Have not had time to fish much this summer but when I go out I try to decipline myself to throw swimbiats wich is hard when you know if you change up to something you are more used to you can get more fish in the boat. How ever I have caught a few but mostly Pike wich of course are Trout eaters to the max. I cant seam to get the Smallies to hit the 8in stuff but they will hammer the 6in size.

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