Scott got us a fresh box of Triple Trouts.  Some new sizes, like 10″ versions of the SSB Herring and Bubble Gum Bass.  And a new color, Baby Bass.   Visit SSB Customs, by clicking the image below:

Click Image to Visit SSB Customs


  1. Robert Schaffer

    Hello Matt,
    Wish you well on your relocation to Florida. It’s great that you are offering Triple Trouts for sale, I bought one from you recently and it looks great and I’m excited to throw it next season after the ice melts here in Michigan. I was wondering if you could have Scott make a few 7″ or 8″ Triple Trouts in a fast sink version? if I had it my way they would be offered in a Yellow Perch or a Baby Bass pattern. Thanks for your work to educate us fisherman on fishing swimbaits.

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