southernswimbait.com  proudly presents, an inside look at Mickey Ellis and the 3:16 Lure Company.   I was in Southern California the Summer of 2011, and had a chance to reconnect with Mickey Ellis while I was there.   I hadn’t seen or talked to Mickey in almost 10 years.    I sat down with Mickey and got a lot of his perspectives, insights, and thoughts on a range of topics. The first and most important thing I realized, was an attempt to educate folks on who is Mickey Ellis and the 3:16 Lure Company? How did he start getting into creating swimbaits and why?  The Mission Fish is a literal product of this journey as you’ll hear.

You will have to be patient, because there is a lot of footage I’m trying to process and synthesize that I’m going to be including in my future projects.    For example, wouldn’t it be interesting to hear Mickey Ellis, Ken Huddleston, and Scott Whitmer respond to the same question(s), to get 3 different points of view from 3 very accomplished bigbaitsmen?  Or is that too dramatic and controversial?   There are other folks I’d like to engage, but I haven’t gotten there yet.    These things take time.

My 2012 tournament season gives me a great opportunity to focus on some things that have been on my mind for some time.   Add the  8″ Huddleston Deluxe Weedless Trout (I hope) and Mickey’s Version 2.0 Mission Fish (I hope), and we are on new ground.    Whether or not you believe in salvation, or believe in the idea of ‘Providence’ —it doesn’t matter, what matters is the conversation about catching more and bigger fish and taking bigbait fishing to new places, or applying bigbaits in new ways,  and contributing to the “conversation”.

Take a look at Mickey’s baits:  316lurecompany.com

Mickey Ellis 3:16 Lure Company Hard Baits.
How can I have a conversation about bigbait fishing, realism, softbait vs. hardbait, grass swimbait fishing, baby bass, bluegill, frogs, terrestrials, trout baits--- and not include 3:16 Lure Company and Mickey Ellis? "He who does not see the hand of God in this is blind, sir, blind!" Confederate General Stonewall Jackson.


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