Large Nezumaa Rat Bundle:  $149.95

We only have a couple of these, and I imagine they will go quick.  This is the “Large” sized Nezumaa Rat, the color is black on top, grey on the sides, into a white bell—-sorta skunk style, but not quite.   You get a spare set of bubble gum tails and bubble gum ST-36 Stinger hooks.  The bait comes rigged with a stock black tail, #5 Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings, and 1/0 ST-36 Owner Treble hooks (unmasked).

SOLD OUT!  In 10 minutes.

***Refunds will be issued for orders that come in after we sell out and before we have a chance to remove the purchase button.  We only have a couple of these, and they will go quick….2/25/13 at 7:30pm Eastern***)




  1. Chris Jenkins

    $149.00 toooooo funny. I screwed an eyelet into a big Jitterbug and adhere a trick worm onto it for the tail. Works just as well. Cost …$5.99 Be creative and have fun doing.

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