Justin provided some insights into the rod, reel, line, he was using to fish the 5″ Berkley Hollow Belly, single swimbait style.  I found his input very interesting.   The above video gives insights into the Powell 765 Swimbait Rod that Justin was using to fish the 5″ Berkley Hollow Belly Swimmer (Hitch color) , combined with an Abu Garcia Revo SX reel, and 17# Berkley 100% Florocarbon line.  Notice what Justin says about the importance of the action of the rod, and the speed of the reel. “Not too fast, not too slow”.  I couldn’t agree more.  I am not a 100% florocarbon guy with swimbaits most times, but if I was going to be, fishing open water, mid water column/suspended fish is where I’d fish it!  Justin is on point, his fishing, positive vibration and momentum speak volumes.

I love hearing what stuff other guys are really using and why. Justin knows what he is doing, and since I can only mostly talk about Shimano/G-Loom stuff  with any crededbility because that is what I’ve invested in, I find it really helpful to get input from what stuff other guys are REALLY using….and why. Realism isn’t just a swimbait thing. It’s an integral part of my life and business. Keepin’ it real, thank you Justin.


  1. That Powell 765 CB/SBR is such a great rod. It’s labeled “swimbait” but it’s also my favorite rod for big hardbaits like a Super Spook, big spinnerbaits, or even pitching and flipping with finesse jigs and plastics. Powell might not have the fanciest cosmetics and I wish they had microguides, but their tapers are spot-on. The rods bend the right way in all the right places.

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