Click the above image to be routed to Tackle Warehouse, buy a copy of Southern Trout Eaters (and whatever else you might need), check out, and you'll be entered to win one of two 3 Dot Triple Trouts. Raffle Ends 2-29-12.

Thanking Mr. Whitmer for his contribution to our film in both person and in bait, and thanking him again for allowing us the opportunity to give away a couple of beautiful baits that anyone would be stoked to have.   The Triple Trout is a hard bait.  Hard Baits require much more scrutiny than do soft baits.  The Triple Trout catches fish in all latitudes and longitudes trout or no trout, and is a bigbait you need to be fluent in.   We featured the Triple Trout in the Southern Trout Eaters DVD of course, and show how we fish it in ‘moving bait’ conditions and in straight up Southern heat.   S-Swimmers are part of the tool kit, and the Triple Trout is right next to the set of wrenches.

CLICK HERE to view the page to buy your copy of our  Southern Trout Eaters DVD, and see the banner at the top of the page that outlines the raffle from Tackle Warehouse.   Bottom line is, buy a copy of Southern Trout Eaters in February and you’ll be entered into the drawing to win one.

Owner ST-36 Stinger Hooks and Hyper Wire Split Rings added to the raffled baits for your fish hooking and landing pleasure.


  1. Very nice swimbait indeed.

    Historically, Dale Hollow Lake, a first class smallmouth fishery on the border of Tennessee and Kentucky, has been been stocked with rainbow trout as a forage base for smallmouth. I would be interested to hear from other readers in the Southern states what their actual success has, or has not been, fishing baits of this size for smallmouth bass. The where, when and how they have fished them.

  2. The DVD is fine for what it is, but sometimes benefit comes from knowing what doesn’t work as well as what does. Knowing this helps maximize one’s time on the water by avoiding the use of time doing what likely won’t work. Benefiting from other anglers “process of elimination” if you will.

    I fish numerous swimbaits of different size, shape and design. As I primarily target smallmouth, my success with them has been inconsistent. As you might expect, the smaller hollow belly styles work quite well, as do the various brands of swimbait bodies matched with jig heads. However, hard body versions like the one featured here have so far failed to produce.for me.

    The reason for my lack of success with larger, hard body swimbaits is most certainly to be found, in part, in my not understanding the best size, color and techniques for smallies. The Owner lure featured here is a beautiful bait but like any tool for any purpose, if incorrectly applied the results are often marginal at best.

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