9 foot rods, wide reels and baits that hang down way far are not easy to manage.

As a guy who lives in a triplex style apartment building, I have to be really efficient with my gear.  I have too many 8-9 foot rods and 9-10 foot surfboards to not have a garage.   So, I’m super into little niche systems for storage and best use of space.  One night I was looking at Amazon’s site and came across Du Bro, and noticed they had 2 systems that could work for me:

Trac A Rod System: 

There is one style of Du-Bro Rod Racks, where an aluminum track holds the rings and j-hooks that make up the system. I am using this style to store rods on reels on the ceiling.  It’s called the Trac A Rod System. The ring and j-hook have a hole for a set screw, so that you can secure their position in the track.  The system is swimbait/bigbait gear appoved. I’ve never stacked a bunch of 50 wide reels up on my ceiling, but lots of TE400s, Tranx 300s, Okumas, etc on 8-9 footers.  You simply screw the aluminum tracks to the ceiling and can add more screws as needed if you’re feeling insecure about how heavy your gear is.

Available in 2 foot sections or 4 foot sections

Additional rings and j-hooks for the Trac A Rod System.

The Trac A Rod System on the ceiling holds my rods up high and outta da way. And it holds LOTS of them.


The Trac A Rod System on the ceiling holds my rods up high and outta da way. And it holds LOTS of them.


I made one long continual track.

I could see mounting the Trac-A-Rod Storage System to your truck camper, your van ceiling, or even to a wooden frame in the back of a pickup truck.   You could put in on the wall of your camper or van too.   Or even the gunnels of your boat. I’ve considered it for my boat.   Just to keep a lower profile for the rods. I feel like a porcupine somedays with rods sprouting out everywhere.

The Du Bro Standard Rod Holder ( The One-Off System)

I am also using the this other Standard Du Bro Rod Rack System that allows for ‘one-off’ style round mounting.  For example, my 9 foot one piece rods are in special places.   Or just best using unused space.  I would have loved to have both of these rod rack systems in high school at my parents house, and in college in in the dorms, or the various places I lived.   The Du Bro Standard Rod Holder Systems is available in black or white.   And depending how well you anchor them, can hold as much as the drywall or whatever you attach it to.

one off J Hooks on the wall or ceiling of your choice.


Ring for the butt end of the rod

Both sets of feet from the Trac and standard system.

Here is what I really like:


The ceiling mount, that is high out of the way, and just a simple step stool to access, has been really helpful.   Rod management is key.  You need to have your saltwater, freshwater, spotted bay bass, and trout eater game on point!   I’m getting there.  With the Trac system for the ceiling and more planned rod storage space, its a good option and you can add onto it as you buy more stuff.  Just what we all need.


Rod management, and tackle management, encroaching on the centcomm of my software home office world.



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