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The Bubble Gum Bass Triple Trout

The Bubble Gum Bass Triple Trout.  A bit cheeky eh?

Bubble Gum is a great color for bass fishing.  I use pink a lot to add flare to my baits. How much of a fruit do I sound like saying that?  For the record, I have NEVER worn a pink button up shirt or gone there in the world of fashion!!!   I’m comfortable with myself, and this isn’t about fashion—this is about fishing and the fish have validated many times over that hot pink/bubble gum is good stuff, so I just go with it.   Over the years, working with Scott Whitmer to come up with colors and patterns that are legit, I’ve settled on this one as a go-to color than I’m in love with.  Bubble gum swimbaits are not about catching lake records, double digits and the biggest fish out there, but they might.  They definitely get attention from fish, and that is the idea.   Good fish, the 3-7 pounders, but shoot, it’s not out of the realm of reason to stick a real giant on bubble gum colored baits, especially under dark skies and dark conditions.   Smallmouth and spotted bass are particularly vulnerable to bubble gum colored baits, but so are largemouth.  How does that saying go,   “Fish don’t have hands”?  Curiosity and instinct takes over and fish just have to come up and take a look sometimes, and with looks come bites.  The more looks, the more bites.  If you notice I masked the hooks of my Nezumma Rat pink way long ago, and sorta assumed that one would be seen in Southern Trout Eaters, and having it as the banner on this website gives it away. I use pink tails on certain Triple Trout and rat baits, and always will.   You might be too macho to throw bubble gum baits, that’s fine, your loss.   Here are a few highlights from a summer Ozark fishing expedition, testing out the Bubble Gum Bass Triple Trout:




The Bubble Gum Bass Triple Trout Bundle:

We are committed to partnering with and fishing the best swimbaits by the best bait makers.   The Triple Trout is a fish catcher, and I believe this Bubble Gum Bass color will help you catch fish, whether you hunt largemouth, smallmouth or spotted bass.  That is beauty of it, it catches fish, period.  You don’t need trout to catch swimbait fish and this is one of those colors you can throw anywhere: herring eaters, shad eaters, upland, midland, lowland,  the Chattahoochee River, Okeechobee and the Florida black water, any Ozark Lake, the Tennessee River, the North Country lakes like Champlain or Erie, and anywhere smallmouth and spotted bass rule.  Think of it like a merthiolate Trick Worm or something like that.  A color that you pull out anywhere and get the fish to react.   This is an excellent color for stained, and downright dirty water but is also outstanding in clear water too.  So, this is a great bait, in a great color, that applies in a lot of areas for whatever species of bass, so we are offering it as part of our custom baits.   We have rigged each bait with Owner Stinger Treble Hooks and Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings.  Each bait comes with a package of spare tails.

The 7″ Bubble Gum Bass Triple Trout Bundle:



The 8″ Bubble Gum Triple Trout Bundle





The Bubble Gum Bass Triple Trout Photo Gallery:

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