I haven’t been to Bass a Thon in years.  Probably 9 years or so, since I been gone for at least 8 years down South.   Anglers Marine hosts a killer event each Fall, and it’s usually the who’s who of the Southern California fishing scene, and definitely ground zero for the bigbait fishing scene.  You get a lot of bait makers and industry folks in the same room for a weekend.  Anglers Marine has guest speakers, usually a few big names from the East and South.   Aaron Martens, Gerald Swindle, Jason Christie, Brent Ehrler….guys like that.


  • John Murray, my long time hero and guy I was awe about as a high school/college guy.  Had a nice chat and just got even more enlightened on all things professional fishing.  John was there to represent Gene Larew baits.  He is all about Biffle Bug.  I actually got into pitching this bait around grass in Okeechobee.   It is a hollow creature bait with ribs and it gets bit.
  • Kevin Mattson.  Kevin charges harder than anyone I know.  He is really out pushing his fishing, bass fishing, GoPro cinematography, and the cross over style of bigbait fishing—-where you catch multi-species with bigbaits–calicos in the ocean and largemouths all over San Diego County.   He is literally the Bass King.  Great to meet Kevin.
  • John Morrow.  Sadly, my quick catch up session with John was bitter sweet. His wife Tammy, who was a solid angler, and a regular on the Western fishing scene–passed recently, and it was tough to hear.  Glad to shake John’s hand, just a good dude, and always enjoyed him and his wife.
  • Jason Christie:  Really flattered to have a chat with Jason.  I know Jason thru Casey Martin/Okeechobee.  He is the MAN and appreciate consulting with a guy like Jason on getting some bigbaits in his game. He wisely just said “I just want to mess around with them around the house”  meaning, his home waters of Tenkiller and Grand Lake.
  • Every other hand I shook. I enjoyed walking around, taking some pictures and just shaking hands and talking to folks. I am sorry I missed so many people too.  I keep seeing various Facebook posts and realized how many I did not connect with.

Products/Baits and Links to Buy them (if possible):

Persuader Buzz Baits – Clacker style, with a unique randomness in the clack, caused by the blade as a clacker.  Head design is keeps the thing running dead true.

CL8 Bait Mighty Mouse – I think brown trout will kill the 1.5″ but the 2.25″ is just as sweet.  Crazy little morsel.  See above pictures. Pond and small bait bigbait approach.

TyLure Water Whipper and Buzz Bomber:  Check out the Water Whipper and Buzz Bomber and there many other baits at the TyLures Webstore.   There is a bait called the Whopper Plopper, you need to be throwing if you are anywhere a buzzbait gets bit, which is everywhere.  These baits are a derivative of what Larry Dahlberg is doing with River2Seas on the Whopper Plopper.

Bank Buster — From There Here Is.  Check out this big flapper craw bait.  I am waiting to see what happens when craw and creature baits get bigger and badder.   Check it:  thereheis.us

Uptons Worms:  Big bad straight tail worms.

Johnny Rats:   I have seen a rat of this size and shape do some real damage.  I haven’t fished it, but this thing looked good t me.

CL8 Possum Wake Bait:  Big and bad.  The full sized one is like 13″ long with the tail and weighs a wopping 7.5 ounces?!?!





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