Here is some more fusion.  The Lucky Craft Blade Cross Bait you have to check out.  This thing really fuses the jerkbait, underspin, spinnerbait, and swimbait thing together.  I really like how neutrally buoyant this thing feels in general. It sinks out, but any slight tension flattens the bait out and you can get a near suspend with any bow or wind in your line.  Very senko-ish in feel.  You can rip rip rip and then stall this thing and just be totally stoked at this jerkbait, flash, spin, stall stuff this bait produces. You can slow grind out and transition out of your jerkbait cadance, and get more swimbait style.  Just slow grind it along, mindfully.

The Lucky Craft Blade Cross is pretty impressive.  They make a 110 size which tells me there has to be bigger / saltwater size of these things!  I want a 200 or 300 series!!!
The Lucky Craft Blade Cross is pretty impressive. They make a 110 size which tells me there has to be bigger / saltwater size of these things! I want a 200 or 300 series!!!


I think jerkbaits catch fish all year long, but as winter sinks in, and then again right before Spring springs….the jerkbait is king.  I can see smashing fish on the Ozark lakes on this bait.  Where ever you have a good reaction bait bite.  Lake Mead/Havasu come to mind.  I can see the herring eaters going nutty about this bait, especially those spotted bass herring eaters that love spinnerbaits and jerkbaits so much.  Lanier, Clarks Hill, Murray, Keowee, Hartwell —those lakes come to mind as well suited for this bait.  All clear water lakes, that is for sure.  And anywhere you know fish react to jerkbaits, well shoot, I would just tie one of these on and give a try, because this thing fishes sick.  There is no doubt you’ll enjoy and appreciate this bait.  It almost has a glide bait feel to it, and has so many other influences, I was impressed.


This is a modern twist on jerkbait, spinnerbait and swimming baits and if you think about it, is a bit of a sister to the spy bait thing.  The spy baits have the props and the whirring of their blades creates a new unique vortex.  So does the Blade Cross Bait.  Very unique swim signature and profile. Lucky Craft makes quality baits and this is no exception. I notice these things tend to be low in quantity and stock in Tackle Warehouse often.  That is usually a good indicator.

Fusion of jerkbait, spinnerbait, underspin and swimbait.  Pretty rad bait.
Fusion of jerkbait, spinnerbait, underspin and swimbait. Pretty rad bait.


Purchase the Lucky Craft Blade Cross Bait HERE


The Triple Shad Elite, is the fusion of underspin and umbrella rig fishing.  The bait is made by my long time friend, Cameron Smith.  Cameron has been quietly selling the Triple Shad Elite to bait shops in San Diego County for maybe a year, and now he’s stepping up and got his baits sku’d and online at Tackle Warehouse.  San Diego lakes are small, highly pressured, and guys tend to be really good at tweaking their baits and thinking outside the box, because that is what you have to do to get bit and be competitive.


The Triple Shad Elite comes in various weights:  1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 ounce models, and the baits come in a good standard baitfish centric colors.  They are built with 4/0 and 5/0 solid Gamakatsu hooks.   I fished with Cameron this past Fall in the Ozarks, and he brought me some baits and showed me how he fishes them.  Cameron will throw the bait out, and let it hit the bottom and slow grind it back to the boat, or he’ll count it down to the desired depth and slow grind it in.  The bait has a lot more thump and feel to it, than underspins with a single blade.  The traditional underspins can be hard to get a feel for because there is so little drag or resistance when you reel it, you aren’t sure if your bait is fouled or have any real connection with the swim of your bait.  Not the case with the Triple Shad Elite.  You definitely get a good feel for the bait swimming along, blades turning and thumping.

Triple Shad From Behind

Cameron recommends Zoom Super Flukes (Regular or Jr. size) as the trailers.  Traditional ball knobber or boot tailed swimbaits don’t always go well with underspin type baits.  The kick of the boot tail will mess with the swim and tracking of the bait, so by using a Fluke, with a nothing, no swim, forked tail, you eliminate the trailer messing with the balance and track of the bait.  Cameron I know will throw on a good old fashion curly tail grub from time to time too.  You just don’t want a lot of drag created by whatever trailer you choose.

Cameron Smith

With the lessons learned of the umbrella rig and the super nova of the Alabama Rig, there is no doubt that creating a school of baitfish flat catches fish.  Cameron is fusing the best of underspin fishing with the goodness of umbrella rigging, and delivering it in a single compact bait.   Underspins have been quietly cashing checks on Tour, at local levels and all over country now.  They are great ways to catch suspended fish, so the Triple Shad fits into a great space of suspended fish tools, that bring the multi-rig dimension where you’re giving them a school of baitfish.   Cameron fishes his Triple Shad Elites on 15-17# Florocarbon a Medium Heavy 7 foot casting rod, and a standard casting reel.


$8.99 Each

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