You know I have a crush on Gillian Welch. I dig hippie chicks especially the ones who can play any instrument and sing.  Throw in some country and bluegrass style, and I’m ready to grow my beard out and stop showering and tie die my tournament jersey! Gillian is just far out and I love this performance of her with David Rawlings.   I mean, what does David have that is so special Gillian?  Just because the guy can play any instrument, sing harmony and has killer country style doesn’t mean everything!!!   I believe David and Gillian are a couple. I cannot confirm that, just something tells me that watching them play together.     Well shoot, I’ll just have to save myself for Carrie Underwood!  I’d like to catch a Gillian Welch/David Rawlings show sometime at the Warfield or somewhere in the Appalachians.

Does Gillian remind you of Emmy Lou Harris? I love this style of performance, clapping, prancing, singing, and grooving. Just a simple tune, played really well by two totally casual professionals who make really good music.