The Sebile Spin Shad:



The Sebile Spin Shad is worthy of sharing.  I took some film of this bait to supplement the FLW Outdoors article that Pete Robbins published called “Heavy Metal Jigging” available for you at the digital Bass Fishing eMagazine that FLW produces online, Nov/Dec 2012 Issue.   After filming the bait and messing with it, I knew this bait was something swimbait guys and tournament guys alike might dig too.  It’s getting winter time, and clearly spoons, blade baits, head spins, single top hook swimbaits all get bit in the winter/cold months.   So, when I saw this bait, I realized it was a wonderful balance and compromise of various schools of fishing baits/techniques, and that’s what makes this thing legit.  Not to mention, you have some pretty ‘big’ sizes available, so you can fish big or small, get deep, get around/thru suspended fish, get a down the line straight grind/swim out of the bait, and yo-yo and vertical fish really well.

Drop bait, swimbait, spoon, head spin, switchblade swim jig, melded together.



Think about an 8 foot rod, 7:1 reel, 50# braid and a mono or floro leader, and how much water (both covering water, and covering water column) you can haul thru here.   With long rods you simply can pump your bait in big drawn out yo-yos, and raise it higher, sink it deeper, and get more fall and inflection with the longer rod, and then comes control.  You can control a heavy slab spoon really well, the but Spin Shad has the rear blade that spins and levels the bait out and balances it and makes it orient correctly, so you can correctly slow roll at huge depths and know as its swimming along fine.  It cannot be fished wrong, up or down, or anything in between.  You can cover huge masses of water column with this style.   The Fish Head Spin is a killer bait, you need to be throwing it, often, around suspended fish, Alabama Rig fish, or where fish are on bait.   So, this bait takes the Head Spin in other directions and is a more heavy and down the line swimmer, because of the rear blade and weight/profile of the body, it doesn’t blow out or tend to require a really delicate and controlled swim like the Head Spin at times can require.  The Head Spin you can sorta loose contact/connection with that bait easily, especially if yo-yoing gets into play, and it doesn’t have the vertical fishability either.  Now, I love me some Head Spin, just pointing out it’s weakness is a powerful down the line swim and the Spin Shad is exactly that, and steadfast swimmer that has the right things to fish deep, steep and on the drop all while maintaining a spinnerbait blade that just doesn’t foul and works.   Think about deep water, rough water/conditions, ledges where you need to snatch and excite the school of fish, making jerky actions and covering water quickly.

Check out the colors, sizes, and purchase the Sebile Spin Shads HERE.