I have always liked trebles on the belly. I understand Butch's rig completely. I fish for smaller/more tournament style fish, and I always was working on getting 5 Hudd fish in the boat on tournament day. You have to expect some bites will only kiss your bait as it gets near the boat. They don't always choke it way out from you. And, the ROF 0 is such a weapon, and I think the STE rig is an excellent rig for that bait in particular. It's a slow roll or waker, and the STE rig weighs it perfectly into an ROF 1
The STE Rig is a fusion of many things. I don’t care about spooking off world record fish. I’ll take 4s and 6s all day! Trophy fishing isn’t always about hunting the ‘one’.  I don’t think it matters some days and I do think you need to be prepared for kisses near the boat, and weird bites where they don’t choke it. And, the ROF 0 is such a weapon, and I think the STE rig is an excellent rig for that bait in particular.  It has no hooks!  How else you fishing it?  The BB rig is sick, but I think the STE rig really has a niche in that ROF in particular.  It’s a slow roll or waker and turns the ROF 0 into an ROF 1

I’m back at it.  I have my life organized and want to get out from a bunch of 8″ Rainbow Trout Hudds that have been rigged with our Southern Trout Eaters Rig.  These are brand new, and they are rigged w premium Owner Hardware.  I’m offering these for $30 each now, but may have to raise them to $35 once I blow thru what I currently have in each ROF.    These are ‘legacy’ Hudds, new in package, well stored, and they need a new home.  I have plenty for my personal arsenal and simply don’t need these.  Besides, people request this stuff from me regularly enough, I think it might help me get my butt in gear.  I have this 2nd DVD project that is on my mind all the time, and I have a sweet Champion boat again, and I’m looking at saltwater boats…I need space for more stuff, and I’m hoping some folks find value in a $30 rigged Hudds, when that’s what an un-rigged one costs.  Might help a guy who has never thrown one get into a Huddleston, especially the ROF 0 (aka the Zero).  Did I say that out loud?   You need to be throwing the Zero with the STE Rig boys and girls!!!   It’s a great slow roller, for the slowest of slow uphill creepy slow grinds, and its the best torpedo waker of the family.   Just saying.  $4.95 Shipping to the Lower 48, regardless of quantity.


 Southern Trout Eaters Pre-Rigged Huddleston Deluxe 8″ Rainbow Trout


-Owner ST-66 Stinger Treble Hooks, Masked White
-Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings
-Southern Trout Eaters harness/rigging
-Red Gill Modification

**The ROF 5s do NOT Have a Top Hook, nor do the ROF 0s**

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UnRigged/ Stock Huddleston Deluxe 8″ Rainbow Trout ROF 16 Top Hook

Brand New/Never Fished:  $27.95

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