I keep finding myself talking about, fishing with, and messing with swim jigs.  They are swimbait fishing and they are tournament fishing.  They are just great.  My good friend Casey Martin just released his own Signature Series Swim Jig, and with the help of a phone call to Casey to talk about his swim jigs and what they are all about,  he offered up some good K.I.S.S style advice about colors and trailers and how he approaches swim jig fishing:


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  1. Casey Martin’s Signature Series Swim Jig  
  2. Paca Chunk Trailer
  3. Little Dipper
  4. Advanced Jig Fishing Techniques DVD
This is modern day tournament fishing at the highest levels. 3/8 ounce swim jig, good hook, good skirt, and ability to match up with the right trailers, like the Paca Chunk or the Little Dipper (above). Casey’s Swim Jigs keep things simple, and the above video should give you more insights into how Casey approaches swim jig fishing and insights into what he and Omega have done and why.

Casey Martin’s Signature Series Swim Jig Photo Gallery:

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