Southern Trout Eaters was released on June 27th, 2011 to the general public.  It’s now 5 months later and we got some ‘mentions’ some places, but some straight up reviews with a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ are hard to come by.  Understand the politics in reviewing a film that doesn’t feature or even remotely align with any of the banner advertisements and  products the ‘reviewer’ is paid to endorse and weave into their messaging.   That has only taken me 5 months to realize!  Hahahahaha.    So thankful for this review because it is genuine and touches on points I’ve been dying to have discussions around.


Let me walk through some highlights of the review, from my perspective:

  1. It was a real review.’s Hale White not only watched the film multiple times and let the information sink in, he clearly internalized and thought on these subjects and it showed.  Their review was not only professional and well written, it was incredibly creative. comes up with a list “welcomed deficiencies”  and actually gives us props for them.   Most places beat me up over the picture quality and music.  Not Hale.   He realized the content was the shizzle.  And I realized in his review, that Hale is no joke.  Credible is a new word I love to throw around.  Got Credibility?   Hale and earned my respect with this review big time.    He took his time and had even called me to clarify a couple points about the film and the people in the film.
  2. Wavelength:  There is a term the Spanish use, and it goes:  “Que Onda?”…or “whats up?” is how it is generally known.  But as you get deeper into Latin and Spanish culture, you realize that when a friend asks another “Que Onda?” he is really asking, “What wavelength are you on?”   Wavelength here being a metaphor here for:  What is your fishing DNA?  What is your fishing fabric?  What mold are you from?  Well, I can say I rarely feel like I’m on the same wavelength as most of the fishing industry.   I see things one way, and the industry is telling me something completely opposite or turned around.   I am far from always right, but I am not always wrong either.  It was so refreshing to read Hale’s review and realize I had found one of those rare people that I might be able to engage to do the kind of collaborative work I have in mind to do.   Thank you for the sanity check Hale!
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    Southern Trout Eaters even look good on the website. Thanking Hale White for his review.