Huge congrats to Randy Tharp for his 2012 FLW Tour Open Victory on Lake Okeechobee.  Nobody has worked harder in preparation for this event and no one is more in tune with mat punching on Okeechobee than Randy.   Almost 102 pounds of fish in 4 days.  Randy broke the 100 pound barrier for the second year in a row.   Randy’s work ethic in pre-practice and in just arranging his life and lifestyle to compete at the highest level and be the best angler he can be are second to none.    Randy’s wife Sarah, is just awesome and she is an integral part of Randy’s game.  They are a team, and they’ve been working at this together for years,  things are lining up and it couldn’t happen to better people.   Randy’s career is already stellar, and he’s just getting started.  The sky (and the fact that Randy is forced by mother nature to sleep, otherwise, he’d be fishing 24 X 7)  is the limit for the Tharp’s.   Way to go Randy and Sarah!    Randall dedicated his win to Jimmy and the McMillan family, and we included some material to honor the life and legacy of Jimmy McMillan.   He was definitely proud of his boys this past week.

With over 100 pounds for the second consecutive year, Randall Tharp wins on Lake Okeechobee.