The 7″ Bubble Gum Bone Fire

Triple Trout Bundle


***SOLD OUT***


  • Rigged with Owner ST-36 Stinger Treble Hooks and Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings
  • Includes Spare Package of 2 Tails

I really appreciate Scott Whitmer.   I appreciate all the guys I work with, but Scott has really come thru for me as far as being a business partner.  Our relationship is simple and effective.  I caught two nice Triple Trout fish this week, one was a bass and one was a brown trout.    I am finding Scott’s baits to be excellent tools, the world over.  7″ Triple Trouts, as far as size, is a great compromise of size, swim, and buoyancy for a lot of tournament and trophy hunting.  It’s the ‘one size fits all’ for me, one that I tend to always have tied on, when I’m not on a trout fed big fish hunt (10″ Triple Trout in that case), especially when it comes to mixing tournament and swimbaits.  This is a good size bait for somewhere like Beaver Lake, where 15 pounds is a good sack, meaning, there are 3 pounders in there, and for sure 3s eat the 7″ Triple Trout up.    But will catch 2 pounders and might get you a 4 or 5 pounder on a lake like Beaver.

Bigbaits are like ‘trick plays’ in football sometimes.  At the right moment in time, under the right scenario, you can do something out of left field….for example, throwing a rat bait, around wood, or rocks, or shadelines on a crystal clear reservoir is a trick most anglers East of Arizona,  probably weren’t super aware of, and was something Southern Trout Eaters shed some light on.   That is a trick play, situational awareness (as Bill Siemental would say, which is a term I agree with him) come into play here, and of course, the depth and breadth of the anglers experience and ability to dig into a bag of tricks to pull something out.  Think of the offensive/defensive/special teams coordinators in the SEC creating trick plays each week, and the access to information and video to study the other teams, and how trick plays can burn you and how they can be just the right touch at the right moment.   Most times, it’s about the fundamentals (blocking and tackling), but at times, it can be about taking risk and making precision attacks at perfect moments in time to change the game.

The Bubble Gum Bone Fire Triple Trout is wild and loud.  It’s a trick bait, and trick baits make for great trick plays, but shoot, I’ve shown you my bubble gum bass Triple Trout is a fundamental color I’m using, so don’t think bubble gum is just trick plays, it’s a staple go-to color too.  This color could be a staple for someone who hunts spotted bass, smallmouth, or largemouth.  Scott knows I like bubble gum and bone colors with my ‘non-trout’ tournament approaches, so he just made up these baits, and sent me some to test and fish and provide as part of our SSB Customs offerings.

Pink on top, bone on bottom, flames on the side.